“I’m depressed” is a common phrase often used incorrectly. people may be a little sad, upset or unhappy but they are often not depressed. I am depressed and I can tell you it is absolutely awful.

My depression is caused by a traumatic event that I am currently going through (I won’t give the web the details as it is personal). The funny thing is – I am not depressed all the time. I can’t explain why, but I am often fine and normal and then spiral into a feeling of hopelessness. My depression can get quite serious. I have thought about killing myself, but as my depression lifts those thoughts begin to disgust me.
I am dealing with this. I have tried medication, however, the pills caused more problems than they solved. I went to see a ‘head doctor’, who offered some good advice. The best medicine I have found is a blog. I have a blog about my problems online. It is anonymous and as such I won’t link to it. I blog everything and anything – it is an outlet for my thoughts, despair and problems. I suppose that it is a modern form of a journal. It works well for me and I would recommend it for those in a similar position…. just don’t let it enter your ‘normal’ life.
Depression is serious. It is a problem and that must be remembered. Unfortunately, it can not be cured with a pill or a surgery. If you are struggling, there is help – make sure you use it.

“I’m depresse…

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