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Timeless TV

If I am being honest I do watch a lot of TV. What I particularly like is inane comedies that have no particular desire to be anything more than they are. A great example of this is Scrubs – it is a TV show about people working in a hospital. they don’t try to dress it up to be more than it is – although the show is funny, the actual hospital situation is quite dull.

My favourite TV show of all time is Red Dwarf… if you are from outwith the UK it is possible that you have never heard of it – and that is such a shame. The show is about a guy called Dave who is the last man ever living. He has a hologramatic ‘buddy’ called Arnold and a companion who has evolved from a pet cat. They are later joined by an android called Kryton. The best series are the earlier ones when the budgets were low – it was obvious that they recycled sets, and between seasons the ship interior changed dramaticly. nobody bothered because this wasn’t what the show was about. It was about relationships and the situations the cast found themselves in. Here is a perfect example:

I mentioned earlier in my blog that I am not having the best time of it of late. the funny thing is that Red Dwarf has helped lighten my mood and get me through some tough experiences. I don’t think that TV is the worst thing, indeed I do think that it can have a hugely beneficial effect on peoples moods when they are feeling down. I do also strongly believe that the writing of a sit-com is so much more important than anything else. A strong script = good TV.

Here is a ‘Top 10’ complied by a Youtube user. They are not my top 10, but they are good!

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